On-field performance is not just about practicing the right skills for the sport. On-field performance is a reflection of practiced skill, proper conditioning and optimized health. Any athlete can play. The question is whether or not can they play well for their position and do it to the maximum potential with enduring health.

Evolution Athletics covers all the bases when it comes to Baseball (Sport) performance. Our skilled coaches understand that every pitcher is an individual and knowing that, have learned to respect each athlete’s individuality when it comes to movement and delivery. There is no one way to throw, bat or catch and that is reflected in how we train for skill. It is this approach that minimizes sports specific stresses and enhances skill progression.

In preparation for the demands of practice and play, our coaches also incorporate on-field shoulder care and warm-up strategies that synchronize muscle recruitment to its fullest. The body can match and exceed the stresses of competitive play and practices with a properly organized movement preparation that readies not just the shoulders but core, hips and lower body as well. This level of preparation for activity helps to elevate performance and decrease the risk of injury.

The bookends of what we do is based on recovery and regeneration. Each player that is a part of our program is assessed for their individual movement efficiency. Movement efficiency is a reflection of muscle imbalances everyone carries. For the athlete movement inefficiencies add stresses to the joints and can 1) contribute to the injury cycle or 2) take away from maximized recruitment of speed and power during performance. An athlete will have an individualized weekly plan that is used to improve the observed muscle imbalances with a comprehensive program that addresses Flexibility, Structural Weaknesses and Integrated Movement.

All these components work together to create as well as maintain an athlete who is prepared for anything.

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